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Keep in the Game with Dynamic Motion

Do injuries keep you out of competition or training?

Do you feel like you can't maintain your absolute best?

Or are small aches and pains affecting your daily life?

Your biggest challenge is our specialty...

Meet the team

Our team is comprised of well trained and dedicated individuals all with their own special and unique strengths. From sports massage, movement and exercise testing and training, stability and mobility and sports specific training all our team members have years of experience.

Bradley Openshaw

Co-Director, sports massage therapist, reflexology Therapist, Coach and Sports Therapy

Aimee Du Preez

Sports massage Therapist, Coach and Sports Therapist.

Once off Massage Pricing

1 Hour Massage
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    -In session consulting

    -target area massage

    -general full body massage

    45 Minute Massage
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      -In session consulting

      -target area massage

      -general full body massage

      30 Minute Massage
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        -In session consulting

        -target area massage

        -general full body massage

        Massage Discounts

        8 Massage Discount
        R400 off
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          Get R50 off each massage when you book 8 massages in advance.

          All 8 massages are valid for 4 months after that the massages left over will be forfeit.

          6 Massage Discount
          R240 off
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            Get 40 off each massage when you book 6 massages in advance.

            All 6 massages are valid for 3 months after that the massages left over will be forfeit.

            4 Massage Discount
            R120 off
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              Get R30 off each massage when you book 4 massages in advance.

              All 4 massages are valid for 2 months after that the massages left over will be forfeit.

              Coaching, Programming and Screening Prices

              Functional Movement Screen
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                -basic report

                -stability and mobility programme at added cost

                1 on 1 coaching
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                  -Stability and Mobility


                  -Movement Correction

                  -Performance Training

                  Prehab Programmes

                    -target areas

                    -overall injury prevention programmes

                    -performance specific programmes

                    Performance programming

                      -sports specific

                      -technique and execution

                      -basic strength and conditioning

                      Frequently Asked Questions

                      • q-iconHow does Massage Therapy help with performance

                        Massage therapy helps to loosen up and connective tissue bundles and promote blood flow in tight and damaged areas of the body. This assists with recovery as well as minor injured areas.

                      • q-iconHow many sessions of Massage Therapy do I need?

                        If you are suffering from a specific injury we recommend at least 4 sessions of massage therapy in order to address the problem. If the problem is outside the scope of our expertise then we will refer you on to someone who can help.

                        A maintenance massage of once a week to once a month is recommend for high preforming athletes or extreme active individuals.

                      • q-iconWhat is FMS (Functional Movement Screening)

                        FMS is a test in which certain movements are preformed and based on how you preform these movements will determine your stability and mobility of certain areas. The test thus determines the overall stability and mobility of your body and its ability to move safely.

                      • q-iconWhy do I need to do Stability and Mobility work?

                        In order to If an area of the body is not mobile enough or stable enough then the risk of injury in that area can be very high.

                      A word from our clients

                      I try to get in a massage at least once a month. The treatments have helped me recover quicker, avoid injury and keep back any niggles from old injuries.

                      with my tough training schedule it is a must to maintain the health and alignment of my body. I would definitely recommend Dynamic Motion.

                      Estian Ferreria
                      Estian Ferreria Crossfit Athlete

                      I have been going for massages, once a week for over a year now. The benefits are great , it helps so much  with my recovery  and keeping everything in good shape and injury free for the various activities i do.  It  helps deal with any tender/sore spots before they become injuries. I've saved a fortune on physio bills.

                      Money well spent, if you do any form of physical activity I would highly recommend going for regular massages.

                      Sacha Olivier
                      Sacha Olivier Exercise enthusiast
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